“In Mexico City we have developed an outstanding relationship with Jack Harary of Harary Systems. I have personally have worked together with Mr. Harary on a number of projects including a 24 hour Emergency Response Plan, counterfeit investigations country wide, and senior management executive protection details”

Colgate Palmolive

“I have known Mr. Harary since August 2004 and we have been collaborating on security affairs relating to United Nations security and the general security situation in Mexico since. His support has been extremely professional and that of international standards. He is proactive, fast working and efficient. He has designed a security programme for UN offices in Mexico that includes training, management and streamlining of security operations of our premises”

United Nations

“Mr. Harary is responsible for Security Management of our facility, as well as all external events sponsored by the American Chamber of Commerce of Mexico, A.C. Additionally, Mr. Harary is Chairman of the Security Committee here at the Chamber. Mr. Harary's responsibilities include supervision, training, investigation, executive protection, emergency response and counter terrorism.”

American Chamber of Commerce

“The first consultant I hired was Jack (Harary). I did this because I knew what a security professional Jack was. Further, Jack knows how to multi-task during a crisis, like a kidnapping or extortion. Over the years I have called upon Jack to handle KRE (Kidnap for Ransom and Extortion) responses throughout Mexico. Every client I put Jack in front of has been pleased with his work, integrity and commitment to getting the job done.”

Red24 Specialty Risks

“Mr. Harary has been (outsourced) Security Director for our facility for two years, and in that time he has done exceptional work in securing our facilities, members and staff. In addition to securing for major events, he assists in screening and hiring of non Security staff and negotiates successfully with Security related contractors on our behalf. He trains, tests, and constantly challenges his staff to reach their potential, as he does himself. Additionally, his department continually comes in under budget and through negotiations and intelligence, has saved us money in other areas.”


“Confirm our satisfaction and the speed of response. Mr. Jack Harary is a person with integrity, honesty and responsible.”

Casas GH