Mexico Intelligence News Summary

Mexico Intelligence News Summary


In December 2023, Mexico continued facing challenges with high levels of violence and organized crime activity across multiple states. Numerous significant security incidents occurred, including arrests of high-level cartel targets, shootouts between Mexican security forces and heavily armed criminal groups, homicides, femicides, kidnappings, extortion, and other crimes impacting public safety.


While Mexican federal troops, National Guard forces, police units, and other authorities maintained operations attempting to combat prominent drug cartels like the CJNG, the Sinaloa Cartel, the Gulf Cartel, and smaller regional gangs, organized crime groups continue posing significant risks to Mexican citizens nationwide. Violence and crime associated mainly with territorial disputes between competing cartels and gangs over control of smuggling routes, local drug sales, extortion rackets, petrol theft, human trafficking, and other illicit enterprises continue across Mexico.


Our full report examines notable incidents and trends witnessed in December 2023 in categories including attacks targeting Mexican authorities, governmental arrest operations against criminal groups and corrupted officials, street battles and shootouts between rival gangs, risks facing motorists on highways, homicides/executions, extortion activities, kidnapping cases, and armed robberies.


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October 2023 saw Mexico continue to grapple with security challenges stemming from clashes between powerful criminal cartels active across multiple regions of the country. Extremely high levels of violence attributed to conflicts between competing organized crime factions continued plaguing parts of Mexico, with civilians often bearing the brunt. Brazen attacks directly targeting government authorities, public executions and disturbances, rampant extortion schemes, kidnappings, and other illicit activities were reported across many states.


The volatile security situation remains precarious, as dominant cartels like the Jalisco New Generation Cartel (CJNG) ruthlessly compete for territorial control and influence against rivals, while smaller regional groups clash in complex dynamics. Major concerning incidents in October included the ambush and murder of 13 police officers including a top security chief in Guerrero, the arrest of 8 Colombians manufacturing explosives for drones to be used in CJNG cartel operations in Michoacán, and the kidnapping of around 60 farmers in Chiapas. These and countless other cases continue highlighting the largely unchecked power still wielded by Mexico's criminal groups to threaten authorities, terrorize civilians, and attempts to undermine governance across areas of the country.


September 2023 continued the high levels of violence, crime, and instability that have afflicted Mexico in recent years. Incident totals tracked closely with previous months, with monitoring groups reporting over 2,500 organized crime-related killings nationally. Key events included brazen cartel clashes on urban roadways, the discovery of multiple mass graves, attacks on officials, and ongoing inter-cartel conflicts driving disorder in states like Michoaca?n, Zacatecas, Guerrero, and Chihuahua.

Organized crime groups continue asserting territorial control and challenging state authority through violence, corruption, and unrest. Public massacres, dismemberments, targeting of police and officials, roadblocks, and other bold criminal acts persist nationwide, terrorizing populations and showcasing the influence wielded by dominant cartels. Crime and violence have become a tragic daily reality for many communities.

Frustrated by the endemic corruption and lack of accountability fueling Mexico's security crisis, some citizens are taking matters into their own hands through vigilantism. However, an overreliance on brutal force risks perpetuating cycles of violence. Lasting solutions require a multi-pronged strategy encompassing anti-corruption reforms, institutional strengthening, socioeconomic programs, and efforts to dismantle the dark nexus of organized crime and official complicity that has taken root across sectors. 



Data for August displayed variable trends related to public safety in Mexico, including a rise in attacks against government authorities including assassinations of public officials, though the number is still below the monthly average for 2023. The capture of significant criminal leaders was not reported this month, but apprehensions of other cartel members continued. Street battles remained consistent with July, yet lower than previous months. The persistent trend of violent attacks on civilians in public venues resulted in numerous fatalities. Organized crime groups continued to target families, elevating insecurity in various regions. The discovery of human remains, charred bodies, and mass graves was reported across numerous states, indicating ongoing violence. Extortion-related incidents remained a long-standing issue in various regions.


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